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Dairy products, dry and temperature controlled
Frozen food and food additives
Customs services and consultancy 
Marine Insurance

Dairy products

dry and temperature controlled

Our company owes its existence to dry and temperature controlled dairy products. One can say we are the real dairy experts for your export en import shipments. We know how to handle your valuable cargo in a responsible manner whether dry or temperature controlled.

Our team will give you that peace of mind from origin to final destination. Due to our worldwide annual volume of dairy products we handle for our customers, we make sure that all our customers will benefit from our expertise in the business. We offer cost-efficient transport options by sea, air, road or rail. 

Frozen food

and food additives

For decades we are the driving force for many respected companies trading in frozen foodstuffs from and to Europe and the rest of the world. We follow their lead as we are not limited to Europe alone.

We serve our customers worldwide through our fine-mazed and carefully selected network of partners who share our values and principles. Besides dry cargo shipments, we are specialists in temperature-controlled shipments from Europe to worldwide destinations and from anywhere in the world to Europe. 

Customs services and consultancy 

DBS is familiar with all the export and import requirements of all EU and international rules and regulations for foodstuffs, especially dairy products and general cargo. Our team of specialists will assist you with the needed customs documents, certificates and other required documents for your export and import consignments. 

We also assist you in complicated Customs related and or Veterinary related issue. We don’t take no for an answer and we won’t give up untill issues are solved. We know the way and have the expertise. We are here to serve you.


Marine insurance

DBS can offer Marine Insurance for all your dry and temperature-controlled cargo at request through our first class Marine insurance partners. No hassle no risk policies against competitive premiums. 

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