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About De Bree Shipping

De Bree Shipping was established in 1986 by Ron de Bree. Born and raised in Rotterdam, with a passion for ships...


Ron de Bree, born in Rotterdam, is a pioneer in the shipping industry. After gaining experience with agencies and...

About De Bree Shipping

De Bree Shipping was established in 1986 by Ron de Bree. A Dutchman, born and raised in Rotterdam, with a passion for ships, transport and, from an early age, a huge ambition to become a dominant player in the shipping industry.

De Bree Shipping BV, soon abbreviated to DBS, is an independent freight forwarder. Since 1986, DBS has remained a family business.


DBS can handle all types of transport and all types of cargo, both dry and temperature-controlled, import and export. DBS specialises in full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), air freight and cross trades.


Nationally and internationally, we have a reputation to uphold when it comes to the transport of food products, particularly dairy and frozen foods. We can certainly call ourselves specialists in this niche.


The strength of DBS lies first and foremost in its personal approach to each and every customer. The customer is always at the centre of our attention. Attention, professional advice, passion for each task and reliable service ensure a strong partnership between our customers and the DBS team. We pride ourselves on our team of specialists. Each is a professional with all the relevant training, a wealth of experience and an enormous drive to take on and complete every task to the customer's satisfaction.


Globally, we are the eyes and ears of the customer, their left and right hand. DBS is a true partner, relieving customers of all their freight forwarding needs. This is guaranteed by our impeccable and optimal service delivery.

DBS specialises in the transport and storage of all your goods and in particular our expertise in food and dairy products. Whether it is all the requirements and obligations associated with storage or professional transport by sea, land or air, the people at DBS can handle it. As an independent operator, we transport goods worldwide, using our international network and reputable partners.


"You give the order, and we guarantee it will be managed 100% to your satisfaction!"

In everything we do at DBS, one thing remains fundamental: a satisfied customer who feels confident in entrusting their product to a reliable and competent partner.


Ron de Bree, born in Rotterdam, is a pioneer in the shipping industry. After gaining experience with agencies and shipping companies, he founded De Bree Shipping BV in 1986, starting on a local level with a tiny office on the Vechtstraat in Bolnes.


DBS soon began to operate on a global scale and, over time, the need for a larger office became apparent. The new DBS headquarters opened in 1996 in Ridderkerk, a village just outside Rotterdam, the world's largest port city. The office was housed in a unique building, an old historic farmhouse called 'De Burghoeve'. This choice reflected the kind of entrepreneur Ron is: nothing is given, everything can change, see opportunities everywhere, always strive for something better, preferably in a unique way.


These roots are still the foundation of De Bree Shipping BV: take nothing for granted, make choices, keep your eyes and ears open everywhere, dare to innovate and above all, think differently. And why? Because it benefits the customer, the DBS Group and you as an individual!


De Bree Shipping BV has made significant progress in a short period of time and has managed to build up a good reputation in various logistic disciplines. Right from the start, DBS was praised for its professionalism, especially in the transport of food and dairy products. In this niche, they've maintained their reputation from the very beginning.


Today, De Bree Shipping BV operates in various markets and sectors, managing all forms of worldwide container transport, with a strong focus on food and food-related products in the broadest sense. DBS has experienced steady growth, both in terms of customers and employees, without compromising on quality, service and reliability.


Around the turn of the century, DBS expanded its global footprint, driven by ever-increasing customer demand and growing competition. DBS first opened a new office in Poland in 1999 and later in China in 2008. This enabled DBS to provide a better service to its clients from these regions.

In 1999, Arek Bonikowski was appointed Managing Director of Poland.


In 2001, Ron de Bree decided to develop Poland further and moved to the country. Together with Arek Bonikowski, he laid the foundations for the future of DBS Poland. Once this was achieved, he opened the China office in 2008 and settled there to make it a success as well.


In 2010, one of his early employees, Antonio Barbaro, was appointed Managing Director of the Netherlands. Antonio Barbaro had been Operational Director of the Netherlands since 2004.

In 2012 Antonio Barbaro became a partner at De Bree Shipping B.V. in The Netherlands. The close and excellent cooperation and loyalty between Antonio and Ron was cemented by this move and, more importantly, it secured the future and continuity of the DBS Group for the coming decades.

In 2015, DBS opened a representative office in the USA to cover the American market.


In 2016 Arek Bonikowski became a partner at DBS Polska Sp. z o.o. in Poland. This was another move

to secure the future and continuity of the DBS Group.


In 2017, DBS Netherlands moved into a large and beautiful office building in the picturesque village of Hendrik Ido Ambacht, which is also located near Rotterdam.


In 2023, DBS Group employed 27 people, spread across the current 4 offices in the Netherlands, US, Poland and China. Each DBS Group office has a local manager, supported by the head office in the Netherlands.

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